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The Swift microwave is an innovative non-invasive treatment for plantar warts. The doctors at Ankle & Foot Doctors of New Jersey use the Swift microwave for plantar warts on-site at their offices in Milburn, Union, Westfield, and Livingston, New Jersey. Swift microwave therapy is a reliable way to permanently kill the virus that causes plantar warts, and treatments take only a few minutes with no downtime. Learn more by calling the office nearest to you or book your appointment online today.

Swift Microwave Therapy for Plantar Warts Q & A

What is Swift microwave therapy for plantar warts?

Swift microwave therapy treats a specific type of warts — plantar warts that appear on the bottom of your feet. Plantar warts are caused by certain strains (1, 4, 57, 60, 63, 65, and 66) of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Swift therapy accurately targets the virus using low-dose microwave energy, which helps to destroy the virus and clear your plantar warts permanently. This highly effective plantar wart treatment takes only a few minutes in the Ankle & Foot Doctors of New Jersey office.

Why is Swift microwave therapy for plantar warts so effective? 

Swift microwave therapy is the most effective way to treat plantar warts because it focuses on eliminating HPV. Other plantar wart treatments, such as topical acids or liquid nitrogen, can effectively destroy the warts themselves.  

However, HPV is an extremely stubborn virus. It can remain in the deeper skin layers for a long time, which means that the problem can return even after treating the exterior of the warts. 

Swift microwave therapy sends microwave energy harmlessly through your skin and directly into the warts to target the infected tissue, including the deeper layers that other treatments don’t reach. It stimulates your body’s natural immune response, which means that it helps you to destroy the HPV virus from within your body. 

How does the Swift microwave therapy process work?

Swift microwave therapy offers a convenient and easy option for plantar wart treatment. During this treatment, the doctors moves the microwave handpiece over your plantar warts. You may experience a short stinging sensation during the brief energy pulses, but any discomfort fades very fast. 

It takes just seconds to treat each wart, and you don’t need any topical products or bandages afterwards. After your Swift microwave therapy treatment, you can return to your regular routine with no restrictions right away. 

How many treatments of Swift microwave therapy for plantar warts will I need?

Your treatment plan depends on how your body responds to the therapy. the doctors can evaluate your response a couple of weeks after your initial session to determine whether you need additional treatments.

Many patients need a short series of treatments (3-4 on average), with sessions spaced at least 2-4 weeks apart. 

If you’re tired of the pain of plantar warts, Ankle & Foot Doctors of New Jersey is ready to help with Swift microwave treatments in the office. Book your appointment online or call the nearest office to schedule today. 

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